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Guest Guitars!


Great modern reissue Vox Bass owned by Dale Herbert (pictured!). Here is Dale's story ~ "The VBW-2000 was made quite recently by Vox as a commemorative guitar and a very limited number were made. I actually contacted Vox many times about this guitar and they refused to tell me how many were made, but they said it was VERY limited. From what I've heard, there were 100 VBW's made world wide. and they were made in Japan. It took me months of searching, and calling in favours from my folks (since i am only 17). But I eventually found one. I asked Vox what the regular retail price of this guitar was, but they gave me no helpful reply. but I found out it was around the $4000 mark. I ended up with a mint condition one from a private seller in Australia and scored the great guitar for a very good price."


Sunburst Wildcat!

James Wickenhagen owns this beauty.

In James' words "I would love for others to see it, it is beautiful, no laquer cracking at all. It would be mint if it was not for that darn tailpiece. If you come across one please please let me know, it is very important to me to get it back to the way my dad played it, he passed away this past January 8th from cancer and he gave this to me before he died ~ or should I say gave it back to me. He had once before given it to me as a teenager, bad mistake, I hawked it for nothing, luckily he found out and bought it back at a ridiculous pawn shop full price. Sorry for the long history but like I said it is important to me....."

And it is just as important to VoxGuitar.Net, James, that I get to share your beautiful guitar and great memory of your Dad.


Juergen Wagner, germany.jpg

Stereo Phantom XII !!

Oh, yeah! This is a great guitar. Juergen Wagner of Germany owns this and tells me to forget Rickenbacker - this baby chimes for years and years. I believe him!

Gabrielle Artymovich.jpg

Super Lynx Deluxe owned by Gabrielle Artymovich.



Wyman Bass belonging to Matt Thorn.

CLEAN DELTA!! Thank you , Mike Shaughnessy!


1964 LYNX


1964 Lynx. This is a real sweet guitar -- the Lynx guitars went through many many variations from 64 to 69 and this is a late 64. The guitar sounds full and is very light. This is easily a 9.5 guitar with a gorgeous paint job and no, no, no scratches or dings. Formerly owned by the webmaster, but now owned by Daniel Doucette in Connecticut. Keep her warm and dry, Daniel!



A nice Starstream from Michele Landi of Italy!



Nice MARK VI from Michele Landi again.



A rare MARK XII - Left handed. Note the Hardtail. Again from Michele Landi of Italy!

Mark XII Acoustics

double Vox teardops w AC30a.jpg

Two incredibly nice Mark XII Acoustics from Paul Azpeitia of Long Beach, CA. Both in super shape.



A Hardtail version. Greg Feo owns this baby now, and she plays like a charm. Jangly and full. One of my personal faves to play.


1966 VOXa.jpg

Wow! A great looking Cherry Red Starstream. This beauty is owned by Paul Gauthier.


Emile Mathews owns this pristine Bobcat. A great player for sure!



Jack Christopher also owns this delicious Red Mark VI. Looks mighty familiar ~ !



Jack Christopher owns this beauty - a gorgeous Starstream.



A nice Mark IX from Joan Artugies of Spain! The black finish is non-original ~ Joan subsequently has had it stripped and refinished professionally.



Here is the same guitar from Joan - recently refinished to it's original glory. Looks great!

Super Lynx Deluxe

Super Lynx Deluxe owned by Don The Black (aka F@C@). Presently has a set of flats on it but Don doesn't like the way it sounds now -- used for one set and feedback was the problem! The Vox Super-Lynx series testifies to the in-depth cooperation established between Eko and Crucianelli in the second half of the 60’s. The neck is a joint product. Headstock and fretboard are 100% Crucianelli but Eko rules over the rear side (five-piece construction, volute, trapeze neck attachment plate). Natural finished back and truss-rod adjustment from body side are Eko standards of that era. Body shape leans towards Eko, as confirmed by the (too) wide f-holes. It’s virtually an Eko 290/Barracuda body. Some details hint that it could have been made in the Crucianelli factory, but at any rate the finishing was made at Eko. The Recanati plant delighted at that time in spraying dramatic three-tone sunburst finishes that really burst. That cannot be confused with the smoother shades used by Crucianelli


Constellation Bass

GORGEOUS 1967 Constellation IV Bass owned by Jon Casselman. Looks as clean as the day it left Italy!



Bob Dreher sent in this picture of his '66 sunburst MARK XII. It is all original except it is missing the trem arm - a common occurance on these guys - especially the 12 strings! This one also appears to have a string mute. A feature on a lot of Vox guitars - kind of like an appendix.


1967 Delta IV

Beautiful Delta IV - another great bass belonging to Jan Casselman.


66 Tornado

Mike Morin's 66 Tornado. I know these are fun to play! Mike, We've got to find you a correct tailpiece, though!


Rebuilt Phantom

This is a rescued and rebuilt and Phantom VI owned by Mike Wallace. Read his description of the guitar here! "I'm not sure what year the Phantom is, but I first laid eyes on it in (about) the time, it was in pieces and owned by a 19-year-old we had playing lead guitar who was thinking about putting it together and hot-rodding it in some way...(that ends up being a very amusing story all by itself, but I digress...I had another friend back then who owned a Gibson Melody Maker (this all becomes pertinent later). About 9 years ago, (after years and years of not having been in contact with either of those guys) I started lusting after a Melody Maker, so I contacted my friend who's owned that one to see if he still had it. He did not...he told me he'd traded it straight across to my other friend for the Vox Phantom. He did, however tell me that he still had the Phantom, and it was still in pieces, but available. He brought it down to my gig that night, and we went out to his car to look the guitar over. It was in even worse condition than I'd remembered! All the (originally black) finish had been sanded off...the "wall" between the middle and bridge pickups had been knocked out to accommodate a humbucker, the pickguard had been butchered for the same purpose, and the neck pickup slot filled in with some type of plastic putty, then the entire pickguard had been painted over (amateurishly, enamel and a brush) and that in turn had caused the pickguard to warp. There were 6 holes drilled through the body so the guitar could be strung like a Strat, but there were no metal sleeves for those strings, just bare wood holes. The original pickups were entirely missing, but at least the back pad, snaps and all the bridge/whammy bar equipment was there as well as the original tuners...such a hack job, and if I told you who was responsible, you'd recognize the name, and given the quality of the work he does these days, you'd never suspect him of being that incompetent, ever in his entire life! Anyway, I sized up the situation, asked my friend what he wanted for it, and he said "If you think you can get it running again, it's yours!" So I took that as a challenge. I started acquiring parts a bit here and there...over the course of the next 5 years or so I picked up 3 DiMarzio strat-style pickups, had a new pickguard made (mother-of-toilet seat, because I never wanted anyone to think I was trying to pass it off as all original), gathered up some Vox knobs (the same ones as they used on their organs and Thomas-era amps), got it refinished in its original black glory, and sent it off to a tech friend in Spokane ( who fixed a few splits in the fretboard, a chip in the nut and wired a 5-way switch so it switches like a strat...I've gigged with it a few times, and while it's not the greatest player in the world, it's probably a bit better than it was when it was new, and one friend (a dyed-in-the-wool strat player) who was present at a gig where I used it was amazed at how strat-like it sounded. So that's the story..."


Ultrasonic 12 String

Andrew Loukidis owns this fab 12 String. All original and in super shape!



Little known and rarely seen! This from owner Ken Palethorpe.

I bought the guitar new in 1970 from a friend who had just bought a small music store and wanted to sell off some new old stock. It was meant to be a back up for my Burns solid and Maton semi but I never used it. It is absolutely mint original in the original Australian issue Stamford case. It is one of the last made with book matched flame top and back.



Wolgang of ZittyZounds. What a collection! Wolfgang passed away a number of years ago and part of his collection rests with our friend Martin Kelly in the U.K.

Cool Lynx

From Sweden comes this very cool 65 Lynx.




From David Marques, this gorgeous mint Starstream.


A great collection of Vox guitars with onboard electronics. Can YOU name them all?